Course Structure

This is an adult course and we will treat you as such, with respect, understanding, and tolerance.

Our in-class instruction totals to 20 hours, we offer day and evening courses (check upcoming courses for details). We require 1 photocopy of your G1 licence on the first day.Our students Homework is a total of 7 hours. We require 1 photocopy of your G1 on the first day. You will also need to bring a note pad and a pen as well as your drivers handbook. In-car lessons are two full hours to have time to explain to the student thoroughly what they are doing wrong, how to correct it, and what they need to improve and practice. There is sufficient time to review important manoeuvres like parallel parking etc. We also expose students to different traffic situations, especially in intersections. By explaining things as we go, there is no need to spend any length of time sitting in a parking lot, talking to students. All our cars are in the garage once every two months for oil changes and safety checks.

Once you have completed the in-class you will be doing 13 hours on the road. One on one, extensive 401 training included.

To satisfy the MTO requirement of the 40 hour curriculum for the Ministry approved Beginner Driver Education Course, there will be a 7 hour homework assignment.

The Driverís Licence History provides proof of successful completion of and graduation from a BDE course and is widely recognized by the insurance industry as proof of course completion.

Students ready for their road test have the option to use our vehicle. This gives them the advantage of getting one more hour of review just before the test. Besides giving them the reassurance to remember important rules, it also calms their nerves.

Thank you for your interest in Collision Prevention Driving School.

We pride ourselves in teaching each and every student to be assertive - not aggressive, and to use our defensive driving techniques, and how to keep our students from having a COLLISION. If you wish to sign up or for more info please call or E-mail the above.

P.S. We must have your phone # to enroll.