About Our Course

Mature Drivers
Mature drivers having to pass a road test usually have a hard time with it. They do not know what is expected of them. We will prepare and evaluate mature adults.

School Bus

Collision Prevention also has a company called Driver Education And Training INC. (D.E.A.T.inc)wich is also known in the field as a school bus safety specialist. We have no fewer than 6 school bus companies under contract with D.E.A.T.inc. We train new bus drivers and evaluate existing bus drivers for these companies.

With the help of Loyalist College we have directed and produced a PICK UP AND DROP OFF PROCEDURES video which is now reconized by the Ontario Safety League and the Ontario School Bus Association.

D.E.A.T.inc is fully qualified to give safety seminars to any company regarding the use of heavy or small vehicles. We have the knowledge and expertise to design a seminar around your company's needs.



Driving is not just being able to maneuver the car or knowing the rules of the road; driving is also developing good seeing habits and recognizing hazards early enough to keep you safe in spite of other driver’s errors.
Preventing collisions is not a game; your life depends on it. The keys to preventing collisions are proper seeing habits and space around your car.
Habits are hard to break; if you develop good habits first, you don’t have to try later to break bad ones. Through years of experience and related research and courses we have the knowledge to teach you what you need to know to be safe out there in the world of traffic.
You will learn about the car and how to maneuver it, you will learn the rules of the road and how to apply them, and you will learn to use your eyes to recognize danger and how to handle it. The ground viewing method of defensive driving is one of many systems you will learn that will keep you out of the following.

Collisions can happen from the front, the behind and from the sides or can be a rollover or also human collision. It is important to recognize how the danger develops, how to prevent it, avoid it or make an evasive maneuver, such as shoulder drop offs.
Defensive driving and saving money go hand in hand. By using our approach you will save money on fuel and brake pads. Defensive driving also reduces the wear and tear on your car and YOU the DRIVER.


Everything you learned in class will be reinforced in the car. We want you to become an assertive driver. Assertiveness means, knowing what you want to do, indicating your intensions to other drivers by signaling and proper vehicle position, making a safe and legal decision and following through without hesitation.
Don’t expect to become assertive over night, you will find yourself hesitant until you are comfortable with your decisions. Good decision making will come with time and practice, this is, where your accompanying driver comes in – you must practice to become a safe driver. Don’t confuse assertiveness with aggressiveness. Aggressive driving is dangerous, so is driving to slow and impeding traffic.
We will teach you proper driving habits, we will teach you all the maneuvers you need to know. Our method of parallel parking can be learned in 15 minutes, and with practice you will have no problem with this and other maneuvers on the road test.
This is an adult course and we will treat you as such, with respect, understanding and tolerance.